11th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2020 [New Scheme]

11th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2020 [New Scheme]

Are you searching for 11th class Biology pairing scheme or combination of 2020? Then you are right here and ready to get very good marks in exams just by following some pieces of advice and preparing your exams according to this pairing scheme. We have shared the Biology pairing scheme of 2020 with you here. You can view or download this paper scheme from the below and save it on your mobile or pc.

What is Pairing Scheme?

The pairing scheme is the pattern that helps you to understand how your paper will be made. Knowing the pattern of the paper, you can prepare well according to that pattern and score good marks in the exams.

The pairing scheme is the best choice for the poor as well as excellent students. Poor students can pass with good marks and topper students can perform better and get excellent results.

Why You Should Use Pairing Scheme?

Why You Should Use Pairing Scheme?

This is a good question that will arise in your mind as in me especially if you are a brilliant student. As a good student, you can prepare a lot of stuff but still, it is very difficult to learn the whole book of every subject only in one year.

It may not be much difficult for some students but it is impossible also for some students. Pairing scheme helps you understand which chapter is how much important and you can prepare it according to its importance.

If you are learning a chapter that is very difficult but there is no longer a question in that chapter. On the other hand, you are not properly learning a chapter considering it to be easy but there is a long question from that chapter and you may be missing a long question that can come in exams.

For the following reasons, we recommend every student even toppers to take a look at the pairing scheme and prepare well according to it.

Poor Students and Pairing Scheme

Poor Students and Pairing Scheme

Yes there are a lot of students that were in a failure condition but they have pass annual exams with 40%+ marks. The reason behind the scene is explained.

When you look at the pairing scheme and see chapters for long questions. The same chapter also has short questions and MCQs that are given in the paper scheme but you do not need to learn them separately because they are already covered in the long section.

Now you have also choice in short questions. You can see in the pairing scheme and see which chapters are included in the short section and skip about 2 to 3 chapters in choice.

Through all this strategy poor students can prepare well and pass the exams in good marks rather than getting failed.

Is Pairing Scheme 100% Correct?

Pairing Scheme is not 100% correct because it is not shared officially by any Punjab Board. Pairing scheme is shared by those teachers who make the annual paper of that subject. It is mostly correct but being shared by unofficial people, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% correct.

Pairing Scheme/Combination/Paper Scheme

11th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2020

This pairing scheme is not for the students of the Federal Board but valid for all Punjab Board students like Bise BahawalpurBise LahoreBise MultanBise SargodhaBise SahiwalBise GujranwalaBise RawalpindiBise FaisalabadBise DG Khan.

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