5 Most Useful Websites that Every Computer and Internet User Must Know

5 Most Useful Websites that Every Computer and Internet User Must Know

5 Most Useful Websites
I will show you 5 most useful and important websites that you should know if you use computer and internet.If you are a computer student,computer operator or you work online then you should must now these 5 websites because these websites will help you a lot to make your work easy and will solve many of your problems.Let us discuss these 5 websites with their benefits and use one by one.


If you are at your home or your office where many computers or laptops are connected with the same Wi-Fi network.Then you should make use of this website.The use of this website is that you can enter text or URL of any site from one computer and you can access this URL on all other computers that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.For example if you worke in an office where hundred computers Are connected with single Wi-Fi network and you are Boss.You want to share a URL or text with all the workers then you should simply type that text or URL on your computer by opening this website and ask your workers to open this website and your typed document will be shown to them on the same website.


If you daily access multiple websites and download softwares or other data from these websites then you should make sure that these websites are trusted because most of the websites contain viruses,Malware etc that make your computer slow and can even steal your data.By the use of this website you can check virus in any software or url by typing the URL or uploading the software on this website.
When you will open this website you will see three options and you can easily use them and understand them what they are about.


If you want to download computer softwares or mobile applications that are free to use or applications software that are premium but are available on the internet for free then you can download all these softwares from this website securely.This website is trusted and free of virus.


If you use MS Word or Excel on your computer and once you have to travel anywhere and you have to work on the computer of anyone other where is is no MS word or Excel installed but you have to work for your company or your client then you can use this website.This website is a official website of Microsoft where you can create your account or sign in with your existing Microsoft account to get access to all Microsoft products like MS Word,Excel PowerPoint etc.


This website is very useful for instant sharing of image with anyone on the internet.You can browse your image and upload on this website and you will get link created when the file is uploaded.You can copy this link and send it to anyone who will be able to open that image by clicking on this link.For example if you are talking to any customer support person and want a solution for your problem, he asks you to share an image of your problem and he will be able to solve it.Then you can upload your image instantly on this site and share the link with him if there is no no image sharing available on the chat with your customer support person.