6 Ways To increase your mobile internet speed on 3g and 4g Networks

6 Ways To increase your mobile internet speed on 3g and 4g Networks

6 Ways To increase your mobile internet speed on 3g and 4g Networks

Are you tired of slow internet speed while using mobile data on your Android phone.It is not very big problem that your internet speed is slow and you can increase it very easily and make it perfect for you.Here I will guide you what mistakes you make that cause your mobile internet connection to become slow.Here we provide you step by step guide how to increase your internet speed on mobile data network like 2G,3G and 4g.

1.Install Internet Speed Meter App

First of all you need to install any internet speed meter application.The benefit of this application will be that it will show you on the top of your mobile screen that at what time how much data you are using.For example if you are using nothing but the application is showing any data being used then it means that there are some background applications that are hiddenly using your mobile data.That when certain applications use your mobile data secretly you lose internet speed because your speed is coming but it is being consuming useful in waste tasks.When you have installed this application it will show you the data you are using and you will be able to manage it and disable any extra useless app that is using your mobile data and making your internet connection very slow. There are many applications used for monitoring speed of your internet connection but the one we prefer you is Internet speed meter Lite this is one of the good application I have tested.You can download this application from the Play Store by clicking on the link below.

2.Select Browsers Carefully

The second big mistake that you make while using internet on your mobile phone is that you install worst browsers that not only disturb your User experience but also decrease your internet speed a lot.For example UC Browser is one of the most widely used Browser by mobile phone users but it is actually the worst browser. It traces your personal information secretly and make your internet connection and your mobile phone slow.It just says that it increases your internet speed but it is not reality of this browser actually it decreases your speed not increases.Play Store also removed this browser but it was again published on the Play Store because it is very big browser that is used by many peoples on the internet then what is the solution?The solution here is that you should install authentic Browser.Google Chrome is most trusted,authentic and fastest browser in the world.It not only secure your data but it also provide you a great User experience and fast internet speed so you should download and install chrome browser for your Android phone so that you can get best User experience and fast internet speed.It is only the solution of this problem.
You can download Google Chrome browser from the link given below directly from the Play Store by clicking on it.

3.Clear Browsing History and Cache Of Your Browser

While using any Browser you should clear browsing history and cashe of the browser after a while.For example if you are using Google Chrome then you should at least clear browsing history and cache after a month.It will refresh your browser and make the browser fast that will Boost Your your mobile speed and internet speed.Keep in mind that mobile speed also depends upon internet speed.If your mobile speed is slow you can never get fastest browsing experience on that mobile.

4.Restart Your Mobile Phone

Here IVth method is very simple and you can do it very easily and it will increase your mobile speed a lot.The method is that you should restart your mobile phone daily or if your mobile phone gets slow anytime the first thing you should do is to restart your mobile phone.Restarting the mobile phone can solve many problems,close many applications and background processes and make your mobile phone speed and your internet speed fast.

5.See Your Signal Strength

The one big mistake that about every mobile user who is not much technical makes is that he does not check the signal strength of his network.If the signal strength of your network is poor then forget the fast speed on that network.First see the strength of signals of your network by going into the status of your mobile.See if the signal strength of your network is not very good then use any other network with best signal strength.There are multiple networks in every country and everybody do not have good signal strength of every network so you should use a network with best signal strength to get fast speed internet.

6.Remove Unwanted Applications

The last problem that mobile users face that their mobile becomes very slow or starts getting hang.The biggest reason for this is that you have lot of applications installed in your mobile phone but you do not use all these applications.There are many applications in your mobile phone that you have used a month or a week ago.See all the applications and remove all those applications which you do not use.It will increase the speed of your mobile phone that will ultimately increase your internet speed.