About Me

About Me

Welcome Nooralam Academy,I am NoorAlam Founder of NoorAlam Academy and NooriGuide I am a student of FSc Pre-Engineering.I have developed this site according to my interest and this is my official site.As I am interested in Technology and I made this site so that I could get as well as share my knowledge about Technology Like Artificial Intelligence which is my top#1 favorite and emerging Technology of the future,Blockchain which is also a Good Technology with a great demand in future,Cloud Computing,Electrical Engineering and NanoTechnology.All these Technologies are interesting as well as demanded and highly paying Technologies.If you like to work with any big company Like Google,Microsoft or Facebook etc. then you should learn Artificial Intelligence,Cloud Computing or Blockchain as these companies need such scientists.Despite these famous technologies many other technologies like Health,Medicine,Agriculture,Farming and Biotechnology are also revolutionizing the world.Here we will discuss all these Technologies in detail and if you had like to become technologist then you should follow us by email or from any social Network given below.

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