Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine Learning-Complete Essay

Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine
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Artificial Intelligence(AI) in simple words

The ability of a computer or a machine to think and work like a human brain is called Artificial Intelligence(AI).Another Term used for it is Machine Learning.

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

As we know AI is a machine learning system that works like a human.In this Technology a computer has to learn how to respond to an action.For this a computer or machine uses special algorithms and a large data to make a propensity model which can make predictions

Types of artificial intelligence

Basically there are three main types of Artificial Intelligence which are given here:
1.Natural Language Processing
2.Voice Recognition
3.Image Recognition

Examples of Artificial Intelligence use in Daily Life

1.Google and some other search engines use artificial intelligence to show better results to their users and that is the reason that Google is the best search engine because it has the ability to understand the intent of the user and it shows the results what the user is needed.
2.Automated email sending system works through artificial intelligence.This system uses AI to figure out the emails to be sent according to your business.
2.Google Adsense and other ad networks use artificial intelligence to show ads according to the user’s interest and that is why we always see ads that are most closely related to our interest because this system uses many factors like browsing history and search queries and many other things to know our interest.
3.Chatbots are also becoming very popular in messengers which lets big brands to assist their customers immediatetly.
4.Voice search system is the most common example of Artificial intelligence.We speak and our voice is converted into text and text is searched on browser.

Basics of Artificial Intelligence

Here we provide you the names of basics of artificial intelligence.For more details you can search on Google for each on of the below:



3.Machine learning

4.Black box

5.Neural network

6.Deep learning

7.Natural language processing

8.Reinforcement learning

9.Supervised learning

10.Unsupervised learning

11.Transfer learning

12.Turing Test


Advantages And Disadvantages of AI

Everything has advantages but also has disadvantages. Here we discuss some advantages as well as disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

Advantages of AI

Machines or computers based on AI give very less errors and work smoothly even better than human if they are code properly.Human always makes mistakes but machines not,they always work perfectly according to the given command.
As machines are not human they do not fear and they can work in any type of environment like space and can perform other dangerous tasks that can harm humans.
They can work like labours in many fields in place of human and thus can reduce human efforts.Though we have progressed a lot in AI but still humans have to work a lot.
Machines can predict what we will type or search based on our past behaviour like Mobile Keyboard and Google Search.
AI based machines can keep record of everything and can manage and organize it properly
In future they will be able to detect fraud in many systems
Robots can think like humans but without emotions and thus can make better decisions
Robots have no need of eating(except battery),sleeping,entertainment or other activities and thus they can work continuously

Disadvantages of AI

Robots cost a lot of money to build and repair
The big question is that is it morally and ethically correct to build machines like humans.
Robots can work perfectly if coded correctly but the question here is that they will not become as much efficient like humans.
Robots can work like robots and this can lead to unemployment.