Best Method To Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results

Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results

Best Method To Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results

Do you want your blogger Rank on Google and Appear on the Top#1 page of Google?
Don’t worry because it is not very difficult and you can do it in very simple steps.
Just read this article carefully and completely and make sure your Blog is #1 in Google’s search results.
First of all select the main keyword of your Blog on which you will be writing your future posts and use it in the title of your Blog.This is very important step in Blog Ranking on Google.
The title of your Blog will look like this below:

Now go to your Blog settings page and open the Basic tab.You can see the view below in the picture and this is the place where you have to write your SEO Friendly Title and description of your blog.
You have to target main points of your future posts in your description.
Your description will be visible to search engines like you can see in the above image description starting with Top Android Apps,Top Android Games is written below the title of my blog.

Best Method To Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results

After writing Title and description scroll down and enable HTTPS availability and redirect.
Now it comes the main step of your blog search,for this open the tab Search Preferences in your blog settings and write Meta Tags for your Blog.In these tags target all the important tags of your niche.
Like my blog is about Technology and I have written all the main tags related to the posts that I am going to create on this Blog in the Future.You can see the sample view in the picture below.

Best Method To Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results
Now scroll down and enable custom Robots.txt and generate a sitemap for your blog.

How To Generate Sitemap For Blogger

First of all copy the link of your blogger and open the Google.
Type Ctrlq Blogger and open the first website.
Just paste the link of your blogger and the sitemap of your Blogger will be generated.
Copy this sitemap and go to your Blogger Settings tab and enable Robots.txt in search preferences menu and paste the generated sitemap in Robots.txt and click save.
Now your sitemap is generated and submitted.
Note: This sitemap will be generated only if you have at least one post in your blogger so make sure to write at least one post before generating sitemap for your blogger.
The next step is the setting of custom robots header tags.
Do not change these settings if you have no knowledge about custom robots header tags or change their settings as shown below in the picture.
Best Method To Rank Your Blog Higher in Google Search Results

How To Get Meta Tags For My Website

Now all your settings are done.You have to generate Meta tags for your blogger.
Go to Google and type blogger meta tag generator mybloggertricks and paste their the description of your blogger and meta tags as explained before and type name of your blog in Author option and click on generate Meta Tags.Your Meta tags will be generated.Copy them and paste them below the head tag of your blogger theme and click on save button.
All your work is done now and the last thing is to submit your site in Google Webmaster Tools
Just create an account there and submit your site and is the first and last important step in Ranking your Blog on Google. If you do not submit your site in Google Webmaster tools your site cannot be ranked or searched in Google so take this step very serious.