DG Skills Program In Pakistan || DG Skills .Pk || Digiskills Courses || Digiskills Complete Information

DG Skills Program In Pakistan || DG Skills .Pk || Digiskills Courses || Digiskills Complete Information

DG Skills Program In Pakistan is a Government website of Pakistan that is powered by Ministry Of Information Technology & Telecommunication Pakistan.This website is aimed at teaching one Million Pakistani People Digital skills so that they can grow and earn good livings.In the present time population of Pakistan is very large while there are very less jobs and many of the Educated people could not get good jobs and become unemployed people.Unemployment is the biggest problem of Pakistan at the present time so this website is a very good opportunity for Pakistani Youth to learn and earn.There are about 10 skills that are taught in this program and once you have a grip on any skill you can earn good living and ultimately you have no need to do any job.The most focus of Digiskills Program is on Freelancing because about 150,000 Pakistani are already freelancers.When you go to select your skills to learn you can select only two skills in one batch and from these two one Freelancing is mandatory and the other one can be selected of your own choice.At this time rank of Pakistan in freelance markets(Fiverr ,Upwork ,freelancer,Guru,PeoplePerHour) etc is 4th and the experts says that after 2019 and when a lot of students have learnt freelancing the rank of Pakistan in Freelance Markets will come on the Top#1.
Through Freelancing Foreign money is pulled in the country which is a source of economy for the country.There is no exact data for the total money but according to the estimates about $500 Million to $1.33 Billion Dollars are earned by Pakistani Freelancers from other countries annually.
Digiskills is not a private institution,it is a government institution and there is no fees to join this program.This program is totally free and there is good chance for unemployed IT Experts to learn freelancing by professional of Pakistan Hisham Sarwar and provide their services in freelance markets making a lot of money.Once you have completed any course you will also get an E-certificate that you can also use in your profile at freelancing websites.To learn courses from this website first open Digiskills.pk website and get registered.Once you have registered then get enrolled in the courses you want to learn and wait fro the batch to start.You will also get a message on your mobile phone when the program is about to start.When the program is started you will be given access to LMS (Learning Management System) where you will be able to access all the videos of your course for every week.There will be about 15 to 25 videos of every course per week and the total weeks are 6.

Courses of Digiskills

There are total 10 courses in this program and you can select two courses in one batch.They are following:

2.Graphic Designing
4.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5.Digital Marketing
6.E-Commerce Management
7.Digital Literacy
10.Creative writing

More Description Of Digskills Program

To get access to these course you do not need any high education .There is no education requirement for this course.All you need is a computer or laptop (Mobile is not preferred but still you can also use it) and a stable internet connection.You do not need very high speed internet connection if you have a speed of 100 KB per second then you can easily watch these videos with no distraction.To understand the courses you should be able to read,write and understand English language because it is very important in all these courses.If you are very week in English then also you should not be worry.
You should focus on learning English and keep watching course videos because the whole video is not in English language only a few words are in English.But good English is a plus for success in online market in any topic.If you are already working on freelancing or other field online then also you should join this program because you will learn a lot of new skills that will help you to increase your revenue and become professional of that particular field.There are 10 course but you cannot enroll in all these courses directly because the limit of courses in one batch is only two courses.However you can learn all the courses in 5 batches.If you want to enroll in a course and that course is not available in that batch then you should wait until that course is listed in any future batch.
When you have successfully completed your course then you can find job in any freelance market.You just have to create your account in one or two or three freelance websites and then you have to find the jobs of your skills and start bidding on them.During the course you will learn how to make a professional profile and how to bid on jobs so that you can get good response.When you have bid on some jobs then in the next step when your offer is accepted then you will be given work and when you have submitted the work after completion you will get paid that you can withdraw in your bank account.This is the simple step to get success in online market.The big advantage of freelancing is that you can work from your home any time.You can do the work of your own choice because you are your own boss and you are not bound to anyone.

DigiSkills Mobile App Download

If you are going to use Digiskills on your mobile phone then you can also use this application to login directly into your account without opening the website again and again.The app is just like the website.If you want to download the app from PlayStore then click on download from Playstore and if you wan to download it directly then click on Download Now Below.