How To Download videos From YouTube And Save

YouTube is a video platform where you can watch millions of videos and it is the no.1 video site in the world.YouTube is the product of Google.YouTube allows its viewers to watch videos online and does not allow to download YouTube Videos and watch them in offline mode but you can still download YouTube videos and save them in your mobile,computer or laptop etc.

There are a lot of methods that you can use to download videos from YouTube and save them in your device.Here we will discuss some best and most used methods for downloading YouTube Videos

Download videos From YouTube

First of all we discuss to Download YouTube videos to computer/laptop and then from YouTube to mobile etc.

How To Download YouTube videos in Laptop/Computer

You can download YouTube videos and save them into your computer both by using software and by using online video downloader sites.Here we will discuss both the ways so that you will be able to download your video from online site in case if your software does not work or becomes fail to download any video.

YouTube Video Downloader Software PC/Laptop

There are also a lot of YouTube Downloader softwares that you can install on your computer and use them as YouTube Video Downloader like the most famous software Internet Download Manager also known as IDM is the best software of all the time for downloading videos as well as any other files from the internet.This software is paid but you can easily get its free version from the Google and install it on your computer.After you have installed this software on your computer you can add IDM Extension in your browser like Google Chrome,Mozila Firefox or any other browser that you are using in your laptop/computer.You can use any browser but we recommend you using Google Chrome because it is simple,fast,trusted and secure.When you have added IDM Extension in your browser a download menu will appear on your YouTube videos and you will be able to download video in any format like,hd 1080p,hd 720p,mp4,3gp or mp3.

You can also download YouTube movies from this software because it is the fastest YouTube Video Downloader of all times and it will increase your download speed than other softwares because it is especially designed just for downloading videos and other files or softwares.You can also copy the download link of any video or file and paste it in IDM and it will start downloading.

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YouTube Video Downloader Online

There are a lot of websites online that let you download YouTube Videos in single click.These website are good to download videos from YouTube but there will be a small difficulty of slow speed downloading.The reason for this is that these websites will download videos by using your browser.You should know that browsers are optimized for browsing not for downloading but they allow you to download.A downloader is optimized just for downloading that is why we get full download speed only by video downloader not by any browser.The downloader we are going to discuss here is is the best website that you can use to download YouTube videos by just single click.All you have to do is to copy the link of your YouTube video and open the website paste the copied link on this website and click start.You will see a look like this.

YouTube Video Downloader Online

Here you can see all the formats of YouTube video and you can easily select any quality of video you want to download.After you click Download your video will began to download.

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How To Download YouTube video on Android Without App

Yes you can download YouTube videos directly into the gallery of your mobile phone without using any application.The procedure for downloading videos without software is same for computer and mobile and it best works with mobile because it provides you full speed download on your android phone,tablet or Iphone.All you have to do is to copy the link of your YouTube video and paste it in as discussed above.Then select the quality of your video and click download.Your video will start to download.

How To Download YouTube video on Android With App

If you want to download YouTube videos it is very simple.All you have to do is to download the Vidmate App which is the best way to download YouTube videos.You can download videos from YouTube by using this app in any format.This app is not available on the playstore but you can download it here.

Click Here To Download YouTube Video Downloader App