What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology in Pakistan Latest News 2019

What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology in Pakistan Latest News 2019

What is 5G?

5G Stands for 5th Generation.5G is a communication Network that is used to send and receive data at extremely high speeds.In the early times people used 2G Technology and then new 3G Technology emerged and now most of the countries and almost all the cities of every country are using 4G technology.5G technology is also used but it is not present in most of the countries.
5G is present only in limited countries of the world.

5G Countries List

About 6 countries are using 5G technology at the moment.They are following:
United States
South Korea
Sweden and Estonia

What is 5G Speed?

5G is the latest Network of communication that comes with extremely high speed much more than 2G,3G and 4G technology.The speed of 5G network is unbelievable about 20 Gigabit per second that is really a very high speed for internet users.This speed is attainable by channels with wide bandwidth and by using MIMO.

Is 5G a Dangerous Technology?

The networks we are using mostly like 2G,3G and 4G are dangerous for our body because they heat the body and burn skin and even can lead to skin cancers.FCC guidelines were only because of heat of these technologies but 5G is a safe Technology.There is no dangerous to your health if you are using this technology and it does not burn your skin.It is mostly considered to be very safe.

How 5G Effect Our Body?

The wavelengths of 4G travel along with our skin but 5G technology has the ability to penetrate deeply into the tissues of our body according to the scientists that investigate the affect of electromagnetic radiations on the body of humans.
If this happen then the effect of 5G is similar to 4G Technology.

How to Protect From 5G?

You should keep your 5G device or mobile away from your body as much as possible.You can also buy EMF to protect yourself from the harmful effects of 5G radiation.If you are related with this technology or you have any job in this technology then you should eat healthy diet and you should also get more and more knowledge you can get about this technology to secure yourself from its effects.

4G VS 5G Speed

5G is the latest network for communication and ultimately it has greater speeds than all the earlier networks.We are using 4G at the current time whose speed can be attained as much as 1Gigabit per second and during everyday life we get only 10 Mb/s of download speed on 4G network.
On the other hand 5G is offering an excellent speed about 20 Gigabit per second and we will be able to get about 100 Mb/s of speed using 5G Networks in everyday life that is about 10 times greater than 4G network.Maximum speed of any network can be obtained only by using special devices.

Why 5G Technology is Important?

5G Technology is very important because it uses unique type of radio frequencies that are very much higher and directional than other networks(2G,3G and 4G).5G Technology is directional and this is the feature that distinguishes it from 4G.4G technology sends signal all over that results in the waste of power and it results in weak access to internet.5G technology provides a strong and reliable access to internet and it makes your experience great.

What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology in Pakistan Latest News 2019


Will 5G Take Place of Wifi?

Today almost everyone of us rely upon WiFi even if he uses internet on computer or cell phone.The reason is that present technologies(2G,3G and 4G) make our mobile very hot that is dangerous for mobile and it also consumes a lot of battery. And when we use WiFi there is no heating of mobile or waste of battery and this is the reason that everyone uses WiFi rather than mobile data.
But when 5G will come we all will give up WiFi and we will be using mobile data directly because 5G is a special technology that will not make your mobile hot and will not consume extra battery.
That is why people will prefer 5G over WiFi because of extremely high speed with no danger to mobile or battery timing.

Who Invented 5G Technology?

Two Japanese companies Huawei and DOCOMO Started working together to provide the world with the fastest 5G Technology first of all.They used 4.5 GHz band and recorded the speed of data transfer of 11.29 Gigabit/second which was about 40 times greater than 4G.

5G,6G,7G and 8G Networks

There are many countries in the world which are researching for 5G,6G,7G and 8G networks but at the moment there is no such country where 5G is operating.South Africa which is the highest speed providing country proclaims to become the first 5G network provider in the world in the future.

Will 4G phones Support 5G?

Afterwards our 5G technology networks will become standalone and will not require 4G coverage to function properly.After the launch of 5G the 4G network will also be improved and speed of 4G will go up to 2 Gigabits/second and will be obtained by using a Modem called Qualcomm X24 that will be built in Android flagship mobiles.

What will be Coverage of 5G?

5G technology uses low frequency bands of about 600 to 800 Mhz that provide best coverage over long distances.This technology will best work in Urban areas which are densely populated.It will also give a chance to the network operators to improve their coverage in parallel with 5G Technology.

5G Technology in Pakistan 2019

What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology in Pakistan Latest News 2019

It has been announced by Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication of Pakistan.The minister 
Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui says that there will be 5G in Pakistan in 2019.
when 5G Technology is launched in Pakistan,it will attract the attention of foreign countries and it will also boost the economy of Pakistan.Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui is planned to plant about 500 plants in pakistan.The main mission is to attract the foreign investments.He said that world is changing at a rapid rate and we have to adopt new technologies to compete with the world.