What Type Of Security Code You Should Have?Explained In Details

What Type Of Security Code You Should Have?

Security is taken very serious these days. People want to become more than more secure because hacking system has also progressed very much. You use Facebook,Whatsapp,Twitter,Instagram,Youtube and other social websites daily.
All these websites have accounts protected by security code but sometime your password is hacked and you have to loss your account and it may contain your personal information. As security is very serious these days we should take it as much serious as it is because it will be good for us.

What Are Types of  Passwords?

Passwords are of different types including numerical passwords(123456789)
Alphabetic Passwords(abcdefgh),your name,your city name or your country name.
Passwords also include dictionary words and some other words.
All these passwords are unsecure and there is a chance that they may be hacked
But where is the solution?

Which Passwords Are Strong?

Strong passwords are alphanumeric passwords( combination of digits and alphabets)
Strong passwords include upper and lower case letters plus digits and have not any
Meaning in dictionary(QhAd6h17Pmn9)
But the question is that how to remember such passwords as they are difficult to

The simple answer is that you can use any site that will remember your password as Passpack. In this way you can create strongest passwords for any site and

Remember them by using different sites.

For more information about passwords and to know the ways how you can prevent hackers from stealing your passwords,you can watch our this video in which there is complete guidance about passwords and security