Whatsapp Messenger Apk Download latest version 2019

Whatsapp Messenger Apk Download latest version 2019

Whatsapp Messenger Apk Download latest version 2019

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You can download whatsapp messenger apk free with latest version here.WhatsApp Messenger has become very popular these days.People are using it just like hotcakes in winter.The users of WhatsApp are increasing day by day.Now WhatsApp is a product of Facebook. Facebook has bought WhatsApp.WhatsApp is a free app for messaging that is available on the internet free of cost.Everyone can download it from the Playstore or Google and can cat get a great experience of messaging.
WhatsApp is for Android Smartphones and other smartphones.Just download the WhatsApp,connect to mobile data or Wi-Fi and start messaging to your friends,family or relatives With great clear and excellent experience then ever before.
By using WhatsApp you can not only send text messages but you can also send voice messages,make video calls,send your photos or receive your photos and you can also send or receive any type of document that is a great facility.

Why you should use WhatsApp?

You should use WhatsApp because it is free to download and to use.You do not have to pay anything while downloading or using this app.There is no charge for any message or video call on WhatsApp. All you need is just an Internet connection and you are here to send and receive messages,make video call and much more with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger group chat

WhatsApp group chat is another great feature of WhatsApp.You can make a group your friends,family,your class fellows,your working team to send and receive specific documents to all the members of that specific group.For example if you study in a school or university you can create a group of your class and you can find and share all the documents related to the syllabus in that group and everyone who is the member of this group will be able to view and download these documents or files.

No Usernames and Pins Required

You not need to worry about to Remember the pins for your WhatsApp account.The WhatsApp works with your mobile phone number just like sms.All you need is to enter the pin from your mobile received by sms to activate your WhatsApp account and the WhatsApp will be integrated through the existing phone book.

Offline Messages in whatsapp messenger

If you lose access to internet then the WhatsApp will save your text messages in the WhatsApp application until you connect to the network again.
WhatsApp Messenger APK provided here is a latest version of the WhatsApp.Thus you can download the latest version of the WhatsApp from our website directly by clicking on the link direct download and you can also download it from the Play Store by clicking on the link download from Play Store.
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